Baby Mattress Protector

Baby Mattress Protector Eazi Baby Dry Sheet Reusable Mat is a Baby Mattress Protector and Baby Bed Protector Baby Waterproof Mattress Protector is a Water Absorbent Waterproof Dry Sheet Mat Stain Release Breathable Azo Free Baby Bed Protecting Sheet Eazi Dry Sheet Baby bed sheet Bed protector waterproof for baby Quick dry Eazi quick dry …

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Why EAZI Mattress Protector

Why EAZI Mattress Protector EAZI Matress Protector is a comfortable fabric mat with an extra dry layer to prevent bed wetting. Also, baby’s skin breathes better, enjoys cottony softness, and is kept moisturized against friction. Give your baby the freedom to enjoy uninterrupted sleep for longer periods. EAZI Matress Protector prevents urine and other liquids …

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Azo dyes are a type of dye used in the textiles Industry. They are known to be Potential carcinogenic. They are easily soluble in water, can be easily absorbed by the skin loading to risk of allergic reaction, cancer, eye irritation etc. They are on the banned list in the EU and Germany. It is …

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