Disadvantages of using a Diaper

Disadvantages of using a Diaper

There are a lot of harms of using #diapers for #babies. They certainly pose a lot of threats to the #babyskin and overall health in a number of ways. After all, they are in direct contact with your child’s most sensitive area. If you are using disposable diapers for your baby, you are actually contributing to a lot of health issues in him/her.

The diapers are usually made up of chemicals like polypropylene and sodium polyacrylate which often leave small transparent crystals on the baby’s skin.

Dyes and scents are also used to neutralize the foul odor, make the diapers look cute and colorful and also in the wetness indicators.

Diapers cause rashes, infection and allergies on the baby bum.
They also lead to serious urinary infections in babies due to a lot of moisture, warmth and germs.

Harsh chemicals and germs entering in the baby’s system can not only reduce his/her immunity but also lead to toxicity. One of the major reasons for fungal infections in anyone is retention of moisture and lack of hygiene. Regular usage of diapers can thus cause contagious fungal infections in babies.

If your baby becomes used to a diaper, you will face a lot of difficulty in toilet training.
Hence, there are a lot of harms and Disadvantages of using a disposable diaper for babies. It is better to minimize the usage of diapers as much as possible and spread awareness about it.

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